Black Friday UK 2019 – the best deals of the year

This years Black Friday UK will take place on 29 November 2019. We anticipate that the first Black Friday 2019 UK offers will be published by mid-November (Monday of the Black Friday Week) but there’s a good chance that some retailers will launch their discounts as soon as Single’s Day on 11 November or even before.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday origin

Traditional Thanksgiving meal

Black Friday is one of the most important shopping events worldwide. Traditionally, it’s also the start of the holiday shopping season for retailers. Most online shops and brick and mortar stores offer discounts on a wide vary of different products. This year’s Black Friday is on 29 november 2019.

The Black Friday originated in the United States. On the fourth Thursday in november, one of the most important holidays is celebrated in the U.S.: Thanksgiving. Families and friends gather and eat Thanksgiving dinner together, traditionally featuring turkey and other foods of the season. A lot of employees and students get a day off the day after Thanksgiving. As the retailers are historically closed on Thanksgiving, the following day has always been a very busy shopping day. Retailers started noticing this and wanted to get the customers in their store. That’s why they started to give huge discounts on this day.

During the last decade, the discounts in the United States got bigger and bigger. For a long time, in the UK we only saw YouTube-Videos of angry customers in the U.S. fighting with each other. The phenomenon was not known here nor were there any good discount at any major UK retailer.

Black Friday in the United Kingdom

Asda Black FridayAs Thanksgiving is not celebrated in the UK, one could think that Black Friday is not a big thing in the UK. That was the case until 2013. Walmart-owned food chain Asda brought the Black Friday on 29 November 2013 into the UK. Asda’s unbeatable offers got a lot of media attention and subsequently a lot of attention from the UK shoppers.

The following Black Friday was particularly silly. Numerous UK retailers wanted to be part of the shopping event and made huge discounts. Several online shops couldn’t handle the massive amount of online traffic and were not available during times. In the stores, there was an almost unimaginable shopping frenzy. Grown men beat each other over who gets the remaining doorbuster item. Others were shouting at each other over discounted gadgets. It got crazy.

Black Friday 2015 was a lot calmer. There were still a lot of bargains to be had, but the retailers were prepared this time. The webservers were performant enough and the retailers struck deals with their suppliers way ahead.

A lot of big-name retailers extended their Black Friday sale in 2016. Instead of a one-day shopping event, the discounts were spread from Monday before Black Friday until Monday after Black Friday aka Cyber Monday. While Cyber Monday used to be a separate shopping event in the past years, since 2016 it’s just a part of Black Friday.

2017 the discount period got even longer. Some retailers started with their offers as soon as Single’s Day on November 11th. Although consumer group Which? warned customers that half of last year’s deals were cheaper or the same price at some point during the year, it’s estimated that around £2.6bn have been spent during Black Friday until Cyber Monday.

When is Black Friday?

Black Friday 2018Black Friday is always the day after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is on the fourth Thursday of November. That’s pretty complicated, isn’t it? We calculated the dates of the next years for you.

  • Black Friday 2019: 29 November 2019
  • Black Friday 2020: 27 November 2020
  • Black Friday 2021: 26 November 2021
  • Black Friday 2022: 25 November 2022
  • Black Friday 2023: 24 November 2023

Why the name “Black Friday”?

There are several theories about where the name “Black Friday” does come from.

  • The good numbers: The name could come from the fact that during this shopping event the sales were so good that the accountants could note black (positive) rather than red (negative) numbers in their books.
  • The crowds: A second theory says that the name could come from the crowds that make their way through the shopping streets on Black Friday. As the promenades were very crowded with people (and during winter, most people are dressed in dark colours), they became “black”.
  • Money counting theory: The name could derive from the fact that the traders have made so much turnover that they got their hands black from counting the money.
  • Slave trading after Thanksgiving: This theory has been refuted lately. The term Black Friday was used for the first time many years later. During the Civil War in America many slaves were said to have been sold the day after Thanksgiving. That’s why “black” Friday.

Anyway: Black Friday is a very old term. The first written mention was in 1966.

Retailers participating in Black Friday 2019 UK

amazon Black FridayMost retailers are participating every year. Here’s a list of the most important stores with Black Friday offers in the United Kingdom.

Amazon UK: In 2017, Amazon launched their deals on 14 November, almost two weeks before Black Friday. Until 25 November (Saturday after Black Friday) they kept updating their offers several times throughout the day. It makes sense to follow the Amazon UK deals very closely, either via Amazon’s Social Media or on our website. For 2019 we expect Amazon to launch their first deals in mid-November. We expect deals on Amazon’s own devices such as Fire TV, Kindle or Echo, Smart TVs, smartwatches, game consoles and so on.

AO: The specialist for electrical appliances already revealed on its website that it will take part in the 2019 edition and that we can expect some “pretty huge discounts”. Last year, AO launched their first deals on 13 November. We expect AO to make a fortnight of deals this year, too. With AO, you get price match, next day delivery (7 days a week) and free 30 days returns.

Argos: Like the other UK retailers, Argos will launch almost two weeks of Black Friday offers. We expect Argos to make discounts on more than 60,000 items in 2019.

Asda: We’re not sure yet if Asda will participate in Black Friday 2019. For the last three years, the supermarket chain did not carry special promotions. Nevertheless, there were some pre-Christmas deals to be made last year.

Asos: The fashion retailer discounted almost everything with 30% last year. Some items were discounted with up to 60%. We expect no less for the 2019 edition.

B&Q: Offered savings on some of the most popular products last year. The deals were only available on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. They already promised on their website that we can expect the same discounts for Black Friday 2019.

Bensons for Beds: Last year there were offers from the week before 24 November until Black Friday. We assume that the bed specialist will launch similar deals this year. You can expect the first offers in the week running up to 23 November.

Boots: With Boots you will make bargains for at least one whole week in 2019. It’s possible that the beauty and health specialist will launch its offers even earlier this year. We’ll keep you updated on this matter as soon as something comes up.

Carphone Warehouse: Last year: Black Tag sale for 18 days beginning on 17 November. It’s likely that Carphone Warehouse will start its promotion earlier this year. We expect the first offers from the mobile phone chain before mid-November.

Currys PC World: Another UK retailer who couldn’t wait last year. The “why wait” campaign started on 13 November 2017 with more than 4,000 special deals. It would be surprising if Currys PC World would not launch its 2019 offers mid-November, almost a fortnight before the big shopping event.

christmas shoppingDebenhams: Debenhams launched last year’s deals on Monday before Black Friday. They knocked off up to 40% on selected toys and 10% on everything in beauty & fragrances. Additionally, there were special daily promotions on fashion articles. For this year, it’s possible that Debenhams will join the many other retailers and start its promotion earlier.

Habitat: Last year it was up to 50% on selected items from Friday to Sunday. This year, the homeware chain will quite likely also start at 8am on Friday.

Halfords: More than 5% of UK’s population visited Halfords website during last year’s Black Friday sale. The first deals have been kicked off on Thursday and lasted until Friday. The most popular item was a Carrera Hellcat mountainbike but there were other very popular items like the Pendleton Somerby or several kids’ bikes. For Black Friday 2019 it’s likely that Halfords will start its promotion earlier. Maybe on Monday, maybe even mid-November like many other UK retailers.

Harveys: Harveys joined late into the last edition. The sofa and furniture deals were valid only on Friday. Harveys did not make an announcement on its website yet if it will take part in the 2019 edition and from when on the promotions will be valid. We predict that Harveys will start with its 2019 offers on Monday.

John Lewis: On the search for electrical appliances, technology and fashion? You’re right at John Lewis. The company launched its last Black Friday promotion on Friday at 00.01. Unfortunately, the retailer withdrew its price-match promise so you will need to check the prices before you buy. For this year, too, we expect John Lewis offers to be valid for only 24 hours.

Lidl: Last year was Lidl’s first time taking part in this big shopping event. The offers were valid for 48 hours starting on Thursday. Only food articles were discounted last year. We expect LIDL to make a whole week of offers in 2019, starting on Monday. LIDL will most likely also discount non-Food items this year.

Marks & Spencer: Marks & Spencer will most likely not participate in this year’s Black Friday. Like Asda, Marks & Spencer did run some Christmas promotions during last edition like take 3 pay 2 on selected hats, scarves and gloves.

Morrisons: Last year at Morrisons it was “Black Five days” which started on Monday. A lot of alcohol was discounted. For this year’s edition we expect Morrisons to start their promotions again on Monday. Maybe they will also include more non-alcoholic items in their promotion.

Notonthehighstreet: It was up to 50% on selected items from Friday to Sunday in the previous edition. For this year, we’re quite sure that Notonthehighstreet will start with their offers earlier, either on Monday or mid-November.

Pets at Home: Pets at Home started 11 days of deals on 24 November last year. For this year we expect the pet store to launch it’s (at least) 11 days of deals BEFORE 23 November.

Sainsbury’s: In last year’s edition, there were only a handful of bargains to be made at Sainsbury’s. We’re unsure what will happen this year, but we will keep our eyes peeled on any new information regarding Sainsbury’s deals.

Superdrug: Like a lot of its competitors, Superdrug started the Black Friday on Monday in some stores and online. Selected items were discounted up to 65%. For this year, Superdrug will start on Monday or even earlier with its offers.

Tesco: One week of deals was the motto of Tesco in 2017. Starting from Monday and valid for seven days until Cyber Monday. Some stores even opened at 5am for early rising bargain hunters. We expect the same for this year’s shopping day.

Wickes: In 2017 Wickes begun with its deals on 22 November, two days before the main shopping event and lasting until 5 December. With the coupon code “Black15” you got 15% off of everything from the brands Bosch and Dulux. Other items were discounted with up to 30%. For the Black Friday UK 2019 we expect Wickes to start with its offers earlier around mid-November.

Cyber Monday UK – the day of online bargains

Amazon Cyber MondayCyber Monday takes place three days after Black Friday. This year on 26 November. Originally, Cyber Monday was the day of online bargains in comparison to Black Friday, which was intended for brick-and-mortar stores. In the past years, Cyber Monday and its equivalent got more and more similar. At a lot of retailers there’s no big difference between the two days. Black Friday just got longer.

Cyber Monday is considered as one of Britain’s most important online shopping days, even more important than Boxing Day. Most UK retailers like Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, John Lewis, Marks & Spencers and many more have special offers on Cyber Monday.

Here’s a list of the next Cyber Monday dates:

Cyber Monday wordcloud

  • Cyber Monday 2019: 2 December 2019
  • Cyber Monday 2020: 30 November 2020
  • Cyber Monday 2021: 29 November 2021
  • Cyber Monday 2022: 28 November 2022
  • Cyber Monday 2023: 27 November 2023

On we will of course also publish all Cyber Monday UK deals so that you do not miss any good offer.

Single’s Day – internationally even bigger than Black Friday

Singles Day UK discountsA lot bigger than Black Friday. But most shoppers in Britain have never heard of it: Single’s Day. Every year, on 11 November (11.11.) there’s a shopping extravaganza taking place on the Asian continent.

Originally thought of as some kind of “anti-Valentine’s” celebration for people to celebrate to be single, it’s now the biggest shopping day worldwide. Responsible is mainly one big retail group: AliBaba with its brands AliExpress, Tmall and Taobao.

Started as a Chinese retail event in 2009, it grew bigger and bigger. In 2017 the AliBaba group alone made 25.3 billion USD sales in just 24 hours. Outside of Asia Single’s Day is not very well know. In Britain, there were only some small shops participating in the event.

But you could make some bargains as a UK shopper nonetheless! Everyone can order p.e. on or And the offers are valid for UK customers as well. Most item are shipped to Britain for free. But be aware, shipping takes 2-5 weeks.

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