Singles’ Day UK 2018

Singles’ Day is the biggest shopping event worldwide. It takes place every year on 11 November and is most famous in China. In Britain, Singles’ Day is not very well known yet. But this could change quickly.

UK Singles’ Day deals

Singles Day UKAs of 2017, there were no UK Singles’ Day offers. Retailers were focussing on Black Friday, Black Week, Cyber Week, .. you name it. And Singles’ Day takes place on the same day as Armistice Day. Experts say it’s unlikely that there will ever be real UK Singles’s Day deals because of Armistice Day which became more popular in the last years.

Nevertheless, it’s no hassle to order stuff online from China. Most of the chinese online shops even deliver for free to the UK. Prominent examples are AliExpress, Gearbest, Wish and Dresslily.

There were a lot of very good discounts on before mentioned chinese platforms last year but it is and it was important to calculate VAT, customs and Royal Mail handling charges into the price. If the order value is below £15, there are no extra charges, customs or VAT. If the order is above £15, you need to start calculating. Additionally, please be aware that delivery from China takes from two to seven weeks to arrive in Britain.

Origins of Singles’ Day

AliExpress-Singles-Day-PromoSingles’ Day originated at Nanjing University in China. One theory is that four single male students agreed to celebrate being single on 11.11. These celebrations spread through the university and subsequently through the country. With social media and the news picking up the topic, Singles’ Day was soon very well known in China. Restaurants, bars and retailers started to give discounts, there were “Blind date” parties and Karaokes. In 2012, AliBaba Group trademarket the term “Singles’ Day”.

Some years later, Singles’ Day has become a commercialised event. Although online shopping is the main part, there is also a Super Bowl like gala, celebrity guests and shows with popstars on TV. In 2017, the sales of AliBaba Group reached over 25 billion USD.

Today Singles’ Day is known and celebrated all over Southeast Asia and by far the biggest shopping event worldwide. Sales reach several times the sales of Black Friday, Black Weekend and Cyber Monday combined.

Singles’ Day outside SEA

Alibaba Singles' DayOutside Southeast Asia, Singles’ Day is not very well known. There were some offers in Germany by tech giant MediaMarkt, but the best discounts still were on Black Friday. In Belgium, MediaMarkt also gave special Singles’ Day offers but got negative reactions of the public because 11 November is the anniversary of Armistice Day which ended World War I. In Switzerland, some retailers like H&M celebrated the day of the singles, but without any media coverage or ads. It was not a big success after all.

In the United States, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are too dominant for another sales event just two weeks before. It’s quite likely that Singles’ Day will never be a success in Europe and the States.

Singles’ Day UK 2018 FAQs

When is Singles' Day UK 2018?

Most likely there won’t be a Singles’ Day 2018 UK. But you can get some very good deals in chinese online shops on 11 November 2018.

Where can I find the best Singles' Day offers 2018?

Right on top of this site! We will publish the best Singles’ Day deals as soon as they are released.

How much does VAT, customs and Royal Mail handling charges cost?

For orders below £15 there won’t be any additional cost. For orders above £15 you need to do some research on the web as we are too lazy to write it all down 😛

Why are there no Singles' Day offers in the UK?

Because Armistice Day is on the same date. Retailers fear negative feedback and press if they offer discounts and celebrate a sales event on a day to remember the end of World War I.

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